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The study confirms that control can be considered an antecedent of expectations of control and responsibility in the work setting, as suggested in the general model of antecedents and consequences of personal initiative. Personal initiative, understood as a proactive behaviour, self-initiated, persistent and pro-organization, is indispensable in contemporary organizations immersed in an. Web. Web.

I'm doing a program that requests that I change the names on the labels of my filechooser in java I have tried multiple ways with no results. I want to switch the language to spanish that's why I can't use Locale. Found this code online but don't know how to implement it: UIManager.put ("FileChooser.openDialogTitleText","your text here.

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Web. This case study examines the pedagogical measures taken for Spanish development for a group of bilingual preservice teachers in a university-based teacher education program in Texas. Classroom language policies were developed collaboratively and deliberately throughout the semester, which included discussion and negotiation between instructor ....

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